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New BC Curriculum Video from Delta School District. Scroll down for an informative video about the revised curriculum.

Facebook Safety Tips

On line safety

Easy Separation for School Start - tips from Anxiety BC on how to help your child with the first days of school     Be Web Aware - National, bilingual public education program on Internet safety. The objective of everyone involved in this project is to ensure young Canadians benefit from the Internet, while being safe and responsible in their online activities.

  • Cyberangels - Internet safety issues.  If you have a computer, internet access and a child, you must visit this website.
  • Safe Online Outreach - Merlyn Horton's website designed to help you keep your child safe on the internet
  • Safe, Caring and Orderly Schools - Codes of conduct, anti-bullying and anti harrassment strategies
  • Earthquake Preparedness - A guide for BC families and individuals to prepare for surviving a major earthquake. Brought to you by the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)
  • Tsawwassen Library - Visit our local library and view its upcoming events.  Also, take advantage of all the services the Fraser Valley Regional Library has to offer
  • Performance Standards - The BC Ministry of Education Performance Standards for Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Social Responsibility and ICT (Information and Communications Technology)
  • Prescribed Learning Outcomes - What is your child learning this year?
  • What Every Parent Needs to Know About Head Lice - Head Lice Mangement tips from Fraser Health.  It's not the end of the world.