As we wind down the 2018/19 school year and look towards the warm, restorative days of summer break, I would like to take this time to acknowledge the hard work and commitment to success we have experienced across Delta School District this school year.
Thank you to all our parents and staff who have helped and supported our students in innumerable ways…. Read more »

The June Newsletter is now available, click here. In this newsletter is information about:

Year End Assembly
Grade 7 Assembly
Noon Hour Supervisors needed for September
School Supply Lists coming soon
Calendar for next year… Read more »

June is Pride Month, and the Delta School District is raising rainbow flags this week at the two administrative buildings in Ladner to recognize this global initiative.
“We want to honour the fact that it is Pride Month and reaffirm our longstanding commitment to establishing and maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for all students and employees,” says Laura Dixon,… Read more »

The April Newsletter is now posted on the Pebble Hill Website. There is information on the the PAC Social, which is on Saturday, April 27. We hope you can attend. There is also information about the goings on at Pebble Hill this past month. Click here for the link to the newsletter…. Read more »

The March 2019 Pebble Hill Traditional School newsletter is now available to view.
You can read about the Fab 4, the Student Learning Survey, and some fun activities that the students participated in. We baked cookies, completed a basketball season, and wore Pink Shirts. There is also some important information about our upcoming talent show and parent appreciation event…. Read more »

THANK YOU for helping to make our Heart & Stroke Jump Rope for Heart event a success!
This year, approximately 300 students at Pebble Hill Traditional School participated in the Jump Rope for Heart. We were raising funds for Heart & Stroke. Thank you for your support! Once we have a grand total,… Read more »

Children are naturally energetic, but without encouragement they can become inactive. Today many children spend more and more time sitting – in class, using the computer or watching TV.  As a result, more than half of Canadian children aren’t active enough for optimal health and development.
Skipping is an efficient and effective way to get a great workout in just 15-20 minutes…. Read more »

If you were unable to register for Kindergarten due to the recent snowfall, schools are open and ready to welcome your child! Please register as soon as possible. For further information please visit the school district website at… Read more »

Pebble Hill is accepting Kindergarten registrations starting today, February 12. It is not urgent that parents arrive today to register your child – we accept Kindergarten registrations anytime up to March 8, 2019. Please come by with your documentation between 8:30 and 3:30 over the next few weeks. The main registration period is Feb…. Read more »

The student developed newsletter: The Panther Press has released its second newsletter. In this newsletter find some jokes, news about the Electro Recycling competition, articles written by students and a request for students to submit comics they have written/drawn. Click HERE for the newsletter…. Read more »

This year Jump Rope for Heart will be held on Friday, February 22, 2019. Please read the information about this event and encourage your child(ren) to get active by skipping rope! Please click here for more information…. Read more »

The January Newsletter is now available. In addition to the calendar of events, we have included articles on activities from the past month. You will also find information on the following upcoming events: Kindergarten Registration, The Oppenheimer Park Cookie Drive, a Charlotte Diamond concert and “How to Get Better Grades in School.”… Read more »