Class Placements

Good afternoon,

We received notice today from the school board to go ahead and move students into their classes for the 2019-2020 school year.  It’s an exciting day!  After lunch today, we were able to move all Grades 1-7 students into their classes with their new teacher for the year. Due to gradual entry, Kindergarten families will be receiving a separate email to let them know who their teacher will be so that they can begin in their classes tomorrow.  Gr 1-7 students will have spent some time in their classes this afternoon.

Please be reminded that in September, it takes some students several days to settle in to new environments with new classmates. Rest assured that your child’s placement has been thought through and re-thought through by a team of teachers.  Many considerations have been taken into account.  Commonly, it is a couple of weeks before students become more comfortable. The beginning of the school year can be challenging for students due to the change in schedule, sleep patterns, etc. and disappointments can be magnified.  With our support and yours, students can adapt to their new class quickly. During this time, please reflect on, rather than react to, your child’s placement. It is extremely important to remain supportive and trust your children to be able to adjust to new learning situations and to make new friends – these are normal life challenges.

We have found in the past that with your support, children are able to adapt to and benefit from a variety of experiences. Your help with this process is crucial. Please help your child by encouraging them and normalizing change, making new friends, and meeting new challenges – it’s a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn!

I encourage you to work to develop a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. Our goals are the same as yours – we are striving for your child and all children to be successful.  We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming PAC Welcome Back BBQ and Pebble Hill Open House.

It’s going to be a great year at Pebble Hill!


Lorrenne Alkema, Principal