Week-at-a-Glance February 20 – 24

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Monday, February 20  






BC Statutory Holiday: “Family Day” – schools are closed. Enjoy this long weekend! https://www.bcrpa.bc.ca/everything-else/bc-family-day/2023fdactivities/





Tuesday, February 21  


Tuesday: 7:45am Choir Practice. Students, please meet Mrs. Saip in the gym.


Tuesday: 2nd Choir Practice in gym or music room at lunch to prepare for Friday’s evening event. (Mrs. Saip will announce location on Tuesday).


Tuesday: 3:00pm Boys Grade 6/7 Basketball – Bye this week – no game.


Tuesday: In-person Kindergarten Registration continues until this Friday from 9:30am to 12:00pm in addition to the online registration option. https://www.deltasd.bc.ca/schools/student-registration/kindergarten/



Wednesday, February 22  


Wednesday: Pink Shirt Day – Please wear a  PINK shirt! 🙂 Students will continue to learn and practice ways to express kindness and appreciate diversity.


Wednesday: Cookies for Kindness https://ph.deltasd.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2023/02/Cookies-for-Kindness.docx


Wednesday: “Battle of the Badges” – This annual ‘Pink Shirt Day’ event returns! Most PH Intermediate students will travel to Sungod Rec. Centre this morning to join almost 1,700 Delta students to cheer on both Delta Fire & Delta Police during a fun game of hockey! Seating is extremely limited, so please notify the office if your child is now not able to attend.


Wednesday: Grade 6 students on Cypress Mountain excursion. Parents/caregivers: please review all important information that was sent home earlier. (Snowboarders: Please remember your wrist guards!) Excellent manners and behaviour is required, including on the bus.




Thursday, February 23




Thursday: Boys’ Basketball Practice in gym. 8:15am to 9:00am


Thursday: Hot Dog Day & Casual Day (school-appropriate clothing, please!) Placed hot lunch orders can be be viewed online at Munch-a-Lunch.


Thursday: 3:00pm Girls Grade 6/7 Basketball players for today’s away game to meet in gym, put on jerseys and wait for rides to South Park El. Please demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and enjoy the game!



Friday, February 24




Friday: Hot Lunch Day – Dairy Queen. Placed orders can be be viewed online at Munch-a-Lunch.


Friday: PH Choir performs at Vancouver Giant’s Hockey Game at Langley Events Centre. Game starts at 7:30pm. Please see your notice from Mrs. Saip for any important details. Students must be at the arena by 6pm.



Other important dates & notes

* Please remember that Delta Schools are scent-free zones. Please remind students to avoid scented products. Thank-you!


Jump Rope for the Heart & Stroke Foundation



Way to go, Pebble Hill Traditional! Over $2500.00 raised for the Heart & Stroke Foundation! Students enjoyed their Jump Day in the gym last week and will continue to jump for heart health!

Donations continue to be accepted through March 2:

Pebble Hill Link if you wish to donate:




Wed. March 8 3:30pm




Term 2 Student Report Cards posted online. Please access through ParentConnect.



Spring Break 2023 March 13 – March 24                  




Schools are closed during this period. Have a great break!

Community opportunities:


Schools re-open on Monday, March 27.


Pebble Hill Traditional’s 2022/2023 Grade 7 students are asking for your help. They’re raising funds toward their year-end celebration and activities. 




Two options to show your support:

  1. There will be occasional “pop-up” sales during lunch or after school that are organized and held by parents of grade 7 students and our Grade 7 Leadership Team. 
  2. Express drop off of recyclable containers at the Tsawwassen return it depot. Bag your cans and bottles in a clear plastic bag, take to the return it depot, enter Pebble Hill’s phone number 604-943-0228 at their printer kiosk, print out a label, tag your bag and drop in the express bin. It’s that simple. No sorting necessary. The funds can only be claimed by the school. If you need any assistance with bags or tags, or if you’d prefer to drop bagged items at the school, please email parent of a grade 7 student: Kelly at Kellya_76@hotmail.com to coordinate. Thanks!



Online Safety

We know helping kids stay safe while online is something many parents/guardians are concerned about. We encourage you to review the following resources for more information on the online interests of young people, the potential risks they face and proactive strategies to help keep them safe!








The Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Child Care, has developed an information sheet on substance use decriminalization for parents, guardians, and caregivers. Talking to Children and Youth about Decriminalization and Substance Use: Resources for Parents/Guardians and Caregivers is now available on the erase website.