Week-at-a-Glance November 13 – 17

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Monday, Nov. 13 – Schools are closed



Statutory Holiday for Remembrance Day (Saturday, Nov. 11)



Tuesday, Nov. 14



Scholastic Book Fair Extraordinaire! In the Library before and after school (Lunch period – primary grades)

There will be ballots that students will fill out to win $25 in free books for themselves and their classroom teacher! Ballots will be in the Library. The Library will be open for students and adults to purchase items before school from 8:30 -9:00 am , during Lunch 12:35 – 1:00 pm (alternating lunch periods for primary/intermediate students) and after school from 3:00 – 3:30 pm! All purchases made through the Book Fair go towards Scholastic Rewards that can be used to purchase new library books and supplies. Teachers are also encouraged to make “Classroom Book Wish Lists”. Come visit the library and see the wish list for your child’s classroom. You may purchase a book for the classroom library and your child will be able to write their name on a special nameplate to be put inside the book cover. Thank you for your support and happy reading! From: Ms. McLeod Teacher-Librarian


Wednesday, Nov. 15



Scholastic Book Fair Extraordinaire! In the Library before and after school (Lunch period – intermediate grades)


Thursday, Nov. 16



Scholastic Book Fair Extraordinaire! In the Library before and after school (Lunch – primary grades)


Friday, Nov. 17 



Panago Pizza Hot Lunch Day for students who placed orders through Munch-a-Lunch online.


Scholastic Book Fair Extraordinaire! In the Library before and after school (Lunch – intermediate grades)




Notes and upcoming dates:


* Please remember that Delta Schools are scent-free zones. Please help by joining us in reminding students to avoid scented products. Thank-you!

* Please avoid use of the school roundabout. Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the roundabout, especially during drop-off/pick-up times. Please help to keep traffic moving at a safe pace in school zones. With the exception of the two fundraiser parking stalls won by specific parents, please refrain from driving into the Staff Parking Lot.




Upcoming dates:



Monday, November 13: Schools are closed (day-in-lieu for Saturday’s statutory holiday)


Tuesday, November 14 – Friday, November 17: “Scholastic Book Fair Extraordinaire” in Pebble Hill’s Library. Books, posters and other goodies for sale! Please see Librarian Ms. McLeod’s previous email with details about the Book Fair. Thank-you for your support of this popular event!


Friday, November 17: Panago Pizza Hot Lunch Day! (Orders are placed through Munch-a-Lunch online)


Monday, November 27: Professional Learning Day. Schools are closed to students. Staff attend professional learning sessions at the school and/or off-site. “MathMinds” focus for teaching staff today.


Thursday, November 30: Hot Dog Lunch Day and Casual Wear Day! (Orders are placed through Munch-a-Lunch online)


Friday, December 1: PAC Fundraiser – Family Fun Movie Night! 6pm (5:15 gym doors open) $2 entry. Pizza, Treats & Face Painting! (Concession pre-order available on Munch-a-Lunch) Picnic blanket style seating.








The city by-law officer has informed us that they will, beginning the week of November 14th, be ticketing cars that are stopping or parked contrary to the posted signage.  This will include cars left unattended in the drop-off/pick-up zone in front of the school.Please stop and/or park only where permitted (Please pay close attention to road signs!)Please leave for school with ample time in the morning and/or afternoon to either safely drop-off or pick-up students or to park legally and walk students onto the school grounds.




PAC Fundraising


Tru-Earth Eco Strips

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News from Delta Continuing Education:

Presented by Delta School District’s Continuing Education program.

Early Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate – Part-time

Open to all community members!

This program meets the needs of those wanting to obtain an ECE Assistant Certificate while ensuring that they receive a thorough grounding in Early Childhood Education principles. Program Start Date: January 2024 More information: https://deltalearns.ca/eceprogram/


Presented by Delta School District’s Continuing Education program as a Red Cross First Aid Training Partner.

First Aid for Opioid Poisoning Emergencies

Open to educators and community members

Become knowledgeable and confident in how to respond to an opioid poisoning emergency, including how to administer nasal naloxone. Taught on-line, there is no cost for this course. Duration: approximately 60 minutes, completed at your own pace. More information:https://ce.deltasd.bc.ca/workplace-skills-and-first-aid/first-aid/first-aid-for-opioid-poisoning-emergencies/




Medication requirements for students:

If your child has any serious allergies or medical conditions, and/or needs to have access to medication such as an inhaler or epipen at school, there is a form that needs to be completed each year. Please contact Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Crawford, for more information and to receive the form.

Fraser Health’s Healthy Back-to-School Guide:






Online Safety – Monitoring tech use & online activity

Helping kids stay safe while online is something many parents/guardians are concerned about. We encourage review of the following resources for more information on the online interests of young people, the potential risks they face, and proactive strategies to help keep them safe!

Raising Digitally Responsible Youth: Parent’s Guide:


NeedHelpNow.ca helps teens stop the spread of sexual pictures or videos and provides support along the way. If you or someone you know has been negatively impacted by a self/peer exploitation incident, we are here to help offer guidance on the steps you can take to get through it.


Other sites:

  • ERASE website:https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/erase/online-safety
  • Protect Kids Online website:https://protectkidsonline.ca/app/en/
  • Additional Parent Information Resources: https://www.deltasd.bc.ca/resources/parent-information-brochures/

* Students are encouraged to always tell parents or other trusted adults if someone has made an inappropriate request or made them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.