Week-at-a-Glance October 24 – 28

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Monday, October 24  


Monday: Happy Diwali!



Tuesday, October 25




Tuesday: 7:45am Choir practice. Please meet Mrs. Saip in the Music Room.


Wednesday, October 26  


Wednesday: 8:30am Cross-Country Run Practice & short student meeting to review the after-school event at Sunshine Hills. * Parents, please re-read the important details in the notice that you previously received about the event. Good luck to participants!


Thursday, October 27  



Thursday: Hot Lunch Today! Please review Munch-a-Lunch online if you’re not sure if you placed an order. Thank-you to PH’s Hot Lunch Parent Volunteers for organizing orders and distributing these optional lunches for students!


Thursday: Casual Day! Students are welcome to wear school appropriate casual wear.


Thursday: Fraser Health scheduled immunizations for Grade 6 Students who have submitted parent/guardian consent form.



Friday, October 28



Friday: Have a great day & a wonderful pre-Hallowe’en weekend!


Other important dates & notes:


Monday, October 31 – Halloween Costumes (Costumes are completely optional for students)

1:30pm Costume Parade on the gravel field.



Please read the notes below regarding costumes worn to school:

  • should not be too scary (in consideration of our youngest students)
  • cannot include weapons/weapon replicas
  • should be age-appropriate
  • cannot be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone’s culture, gender, heritage, or religion
  • must be safe & comfortable.  Students must be able to sit, walk, breathe, see and hear.  Anything that limits vision or restricts movement can lead to falls & other injuries. (Exception: Students are permitted to wear a mask as part of their costume during the parade)
  • students should be sufficiently covered and dressed for the weather during what is still a school day


Tuesday, November 1 – PJ Day  


PJ Day! Wear your favourite pajamas/robe & bring your favourite stuffed animal to school. (This is completely optional for students)


Kind manners/listening  

Please continue to partner with us to remind children to use their best listening skills and kind/considerate manners, especially on fun event days when children tend be more excited and may find it harder to remember the importance of listening and kindness toward one another while participating in larger groups or novel activities. The continued focus is to help all students have opportunity to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable and included during every day of learning at school.

Thanks for your support! 🙂