Code of Excellence

Pebble Hill Elementary School, which includes staff, parents and students, has the responsibility to provide and ensure a safe and positive climate for learning. Our Code of Excellence provides a broad framework of behavioural expectations for students.

Code of Excellence

Excellence is doing one’s best in any undertaking, large or small, and in relationships with other people. The goal does not always have to be perfection, for there is also great value in facing challenges and learning from mistakes. Those who practice excellence find purpose in life by developing their own unique talents to make a difference.

For students, excellence is built upon a foundation of academic achievement, while also striving for one’s personal best in athletics, the arts, music, social connections, community awareness and citizenship in a global community.

As a student at Pebble Hill Traditional:

  • I come to school every day ready to learn by getting enough rest, eating healthy food and exercising regularly.
  • I try my best every day at school in my learning and when playing with my friends.
  • I ask my teacher, a staff member, another student or a parent when I need help.
  • I do my homework, using my best effort and finishing it on time.
  • I am willing to practice things that do not come easily to me and learn from my mistakes, so that I can improve.
  • I try to be a role model for others by using manners, showing responsibility and volunteering to help.
  • I think each day about how to have an even better tomorrow.

Students who live by the Code of Excellence bring their best effort to everything they do.

Code of Integrity:

Integrity is having the courage to do the right thing, even when no one is looking.
It is about choosing to be sincere, honest and reliable. Those with integrity set a good example and build an honourable reputation because they are trustworthy.

The path of integrity forms at an early age and develops throughout one’s entire life. It leads students toward personal growth, self-respect, confidence and success in achieving goals.

As a student at Pebble Hill Traditional:

  • I make sure I have everything I need with me when I arrive at school each day, including homework, notices, lunches, gym strip and appropriate outerwear.
  • I wear the school uniform with pride, and take good care of it.
  • I tell the truth to my classmates, teachers and parents.
  • I take turns and follow the rules, giving everyone a fair chance when I am working or playing with others.
  • I do my own work, to the best of my abilities.
  • I take home my notices and everything I need to complete my homework assignments.
  • I keep my word, and try to have what I say match what I do.

Students who live by the Code of Integrity behave with honour in everything they do.

Code of Respect:

Respect is being considerate towards others. It is an attitude of caring that lets people know their thoughts, feelings and rights are important. Those who are respectful are open-minded, tolerant of differences and help other people feel valued.

Students show respect when they honour the rules of the school, speak courteously, and take special care of other people’s belongings and school property. When everyone treats one another with respect, it results in a positive environment and gives people dignity.

As a student at Pebble Hill Traditional:

  • I am courteous and treat others the way I like to be treated.
  • I listen to my teachers and classmates, both in and out of the classroom.
  • I pay attention in class, and ask my teacher for permission before speaking in class.
  • I help others when they need help, and ask others when I need help.
  • I give everyone a fair chance to participate, and do my fair share of work when we work together in groups.
  • I take care of things that belong to others, as well as my classroom, school property and grounds, and the environment.
  • I am well-behaved on field trips and during performances.
  • I welcome newcomers and visitors to the school in a cheerful and courteous manner.

Students who live by the Code of Respect show consideration for others in everything they do.

Pebble Hill Traditional Elementary School’s Code of Excellence Integrity and Respect has been developed by staff, students and parents with thanks and appreciation to the Virtues Project.